Looking for more information about breast cancer? Visit the Web sites listed below to find out about the helpful resources that are available to breast cancer patients, survivors, family members and friends.  

Minnesota organizations

African-American Breast Cancer Alliance - Provides education and help to black/African-American women, men, people of color, families and communities in the struggle with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Association - Organization sponsors an annual conference in October about breast cancer treatment and support services. Visit their Web site for more information about attending the conference.

Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota - Helpful information about cancer and clinical trials.

Mayo Clinic - Search the Mayo Clinic's comprehensive Web site for information about breast cancer, including diagnosis, treatment and support options.

Minnesota Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure - Provides information about upcoming events in Minnesota, such as the Twin Cities Race for the Cure, as well as breast cancer resources.

Minnesota Cancer Alliance - A coalition of health organizations, community groups and volunteers working to reduce the state's cancer burden through Minnesota's first comprehensive cancer control plan.

Angel Foundation - Provides financial assistance for adult cancer patients to meet critical non-medical needs, as well as education and support programs to families in the Twin Cities metro area who have a parent with cancer.

Open Arms of Minnesota - Provides healthy meals for women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Twin Cities metro area.  

Pay It Forward Fund - Helps women who are struggling financially to pay bills while being treated for breast and women’s cancers (cervical, ovarian, uterine) at North Memorial, Unity, Mercy, and Monticello-Big Lake hospitals.  

Sage Screening Program - Provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings to eligible women in Minnesota.  

National organizations - Metastatic breast cancer information and support for patients, family members and friends.

Annie Appleseed Project - Provides information, education, advocacy and awareness for people with cancer about complementary, alternative medicine.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation - Works to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education and advocacy.

  • Army of Women - Find out how you can join this initiative from the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women. The goal of the initiative is to recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease, to partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Dedicated to researching the cause of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

National Breast Cancer Coalition - Organization is devoted to ending breast cancer by working toward increased federal funding for breast cancer research and collaborating with the scientific community to implement new models of research, improving access to high-quality health care and breast cancer clinical trials for all women, and expanding the influence of breast cancer advocates in all aspects of the breast cancer decision-making process.

  • - Web site hosted by the National Breast Cancer Coalition that discusses facts and evidence behind the major issues in breast cancer to help patients decide what prevention, screening and treatment methods are best for them.

Young Survival Coalition - Dedicated to addressing critical issues unique to young women and breast cancer.

General resources - Offers general information and links to clinical trials across the United States.

Medline Plus - Comprehensive health information from the National Library of Medicine.

National Cancer Institute - Accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive cancer information from the U.S. government's principal agency for cancer research.




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